Spa Rally to keep its March date, new route for 2019


There was talk of the Herock Spa Rally joining the European Rally Championship and would move to the autumn to finish the Belgian championship, but in the end the race will be held again in the Spring. “The negotiations were constructive, but the timeframe was too short to realize this project, but postponing is not an adjustment,” explains Christian Jupsin, CEO of DG Sport.

The Herock Spa Rally will keep its usual date in March and will be the second round of the Belgian Rally Championship. There are several new initiatives on the program: first and foremost in terms of the course, which is mapped out by Bernard Herman, the new sports director of the event. The course will be run 100% on asphalt, so there will be no more “grueling” strips. The service park is being rebuilt in Francorchamps, but this time in the paddock, where the teams can work in comfort. “There will be only one test run on the circuit track, but not on the circuit itself. The paddock will be accessible to everyone The aim is to make it a cozy paddock, with a nice atmosphere, both for the participants, their entourage as for the fans. ”

Another important innovation is the fact that there will be a manche of the Criterium, Saturday about a hundred kilometers. The participants who do not like to start on Friday evening are treated to their wishes, as the race shifts to Saturday and Sunday. Friday afternoon the technical inspection and the shakedown is planned. There will be another podium in Spa, this time with a surprise that we will soon announce. As far as the course is concerned, there are also a lot of news and there are again a number of “mythical” tests …

The Herock Spa Rally aims for fun and fun for the participants and spectators.