SRO calendars announced at Spa 24


The provisional calendar for the 2020 season was revealed today during Stephane Ratel’s annual press conference ahead of the Total 24 Hours of Spa.[0]=68.ARBCxUhLLuDoZXh_kvqKC1W-xu3VbLM-_CZOUGiGRg61I7K8is2nsOvOvb-0rj9orMvo3Ml-hH3sOeFV4hnfzoC5wT9u3UBF2ELVrJS8yLnnj6_n3aYRRujjCi4rH24s87s7BnkS1yF-JC2-DJvi98h7VSejym-m08FcGV1ENGJL1VUsMtnxj3Vr0vwh9OhKkwVUO1j1e2rpM6PQ9Eqhots00uvfFuJX-V1tTcj4dQcuScKKZkP4Suh6WsoRFIfZcBxZsboW1-MEbwRNHIftgoi65Zy9Vy0YdGsj5sYeeiaSnySP6GYxvCMKsLnxTBRlt1kX1pGcpzD3kCSh-MwQe1xndAVUIE4eyLhE4iRiE0U0EDko4W-UFkjbQViuLrcx9kHqqFA0JjbALlQNfwpDeOI96nMbTgVYJoDmDQ4J8vjsDXojdwygKBeR8MP1cs_CN4k1KBOHKFJiE3CVxnL9oGBGwbY-2iGuvVlQcMpGvbgODvBBvLXHsfgRbD7lTGl0r1E&__tn__=-R

Monza will open the season and remains in its traditional date (17-19 April), followed by the opening sprint race at Brands Hatch (2-3 May). The long-established endurance races at Silverstone (9-10 May) and Circuit Paul Ricard (29-30 May) will follow, after which competitors will head to Spa for the annual test days on 16-17 June.

Two sprint races will precede next year’s 24 Hours, firstly at Zandvoort (26-28 June) and then Misano (3-5 July). The marquee race will be staged over the final weekend of July (23-26 July), which will see the Total 24 Hours of Spa run as a GT race for the 20th time.

After the August break, the season will resume at the Nurburgring (4-6 September). In the only change to next year’s calendar, this will revert to an endurance event.

Two sprint races will close the season: first at Hungaroring (25-27 September) and then at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (9-11 October). 

• 2020 provisional calendars