Could Tuesday’s heavy rain still affect the result at WRC Rally RACC?


There was a freak downpour that caused localised flash flooding in and around Salou that caused some concern at the World Rally Championship’s Rally RACC. 

Such was the intensity of the rain, the Shakedown stage was a foot under water and the drivers were unable to effectively recce the Friday stages. The FIA went to the extraordinary length to allow the gravel crews today to check the stages and provide additional notes back to their drivers.

The general thoughts are that the stages are good but as Theirry Neuville said, Friday could be a bit of a lottery.

“The recce was difficult with all the rain, a tough day, bad visibility with lots of water and it will be interesting to see how the stages have developed,” Neuville said.

His sentiments were echoed from some of the other drivers noting that rocks and cuts could play a part in the running as it was difficult to note the road conditions.

M-Sport’s Elfyn Evans confirmed his Hyundai competitor but like the rest, the competitive instinct comes through and the fact that these drivers are the best in the world undoubtedly will play a part in overcoming this unusual hurdle.

“For sure we might find some unexpected things but the weather is looking a lot more settled over the weekend now so we can only go out there and do the best job possible,” Evans said.

Citroen’s Esapekka Lappi also noted that the wet could play a part on the tarmac stages.

“The tarmac was damp but not wet but the cuts were really muddy and when everybody takes the cuts, the mud will come across the road. It is not the biggest issue on this rally but there are some stages with a lot of cuts.

Dani Sordo though was less concerned, showing his local knowledge of the roads.

“Normally the roads dry quite quickly here. It is dry most of the year around so even with a lot of water, the roads should dry – but it should keep the dust down for the spectators,” said the local hero of Friday’s stages.

 In the end though, Tuesday’s rain could play a role in the outcome of WRC and the Rally RACC.

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