Rally van Haspengouw to move to November in 2021


Looking for a working crystal ball …

In 2020, only two rounds of the Belgian Rally Championship could take place, including the Rally van Haspengouw.

According to tradition, the Landen competition had to open the 2021 championship within two months. Benny Giebens, Chairman of TopSpeed ​​Rally Club Haspengouw, reports that the plans had to be adjusted …

“The past few days have been busy… way too busy for this time of the year. So busy in places that the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to make some tough decisions.

After extensive consultation, we assume that we have made a correct decision, but only time will tell if this is the case.
Being allowed or being able to organize ‘normal’ events again in February 2021 does not seem feasible at the moment. The current Covid-19 figures and their evolution already suggest this. RACB Sport is also aware of this and starting the BRC championship 2021 in February does not seem feasible.

TRCH has therefore decided that the 24th Rally of Haspengouw will not take place in its traditional last weekend in February, but will move to the end of November. We have contacted all relevant authorities for this and it seems the better solution for everyone. Of course in the hope that we can resume more or less normal life during or after the summer of 2021.

The Rally and Regularity of South Limburg will be on the VAS calendar on 13 and 14 November 2021. Since our organization consists entirely of volunteers, it is practically not feasible to organize 2 competitions in as many weeks. It is therefore with the greatest regret that we have to cancel these matches. But don’t worry … they will be placed on the calendar again in 2022.
We would have preferred to close the year 2020 with better news, but the situation is no different.

We trust that everyone will continue to follow all applicable measures in the coming weeks so that a 3rd Corona wave can be averted and we therefore have the prospect of better times.

The board and all members of TopSpeed ​​Rally Club Haspengouw wish to thank you for your support! In the meantime, we are not sitting still and will continue to work for our competitions and hope to welcome you en masse for the one-off autumn edition of the Rally van Haspengouw!