RacerViews FastFours with Sandy Stuvik

Today it is Thai racer Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik who features on #RacerViews #FastFours!
He is twice, and defending Thailand Super Series GT3 Champion, Vice-Champion in Euro F3 and Champion in Euroformula
“1. My most respected rival would be Charles Leclerc, having raced with nearly everyone on the F1 grid, I was impressed by how quick Charles was in the feeder series compared to others.
2. My favourite car would be the Dallara F312 which I won the European F3 Open with in 2014. Current favourite is definitely the Audi R8 GT3 Evo.
3. Depends on the situation! I’ll choose Chased as that means I’m ahead!
4. Without a doubt, Race. That’s all a racing driver wants to do all the time!


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By Sam Tickell/Michael Ford

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