Red Bull Racing captures Constructors Title in Austin – Gallery


For the first time in 8 years Formula 1 has a new but familiar face capturing the Constructors Championship.

On the heels of Max Verstappen clinching his second world title in Suzuka two weeks prior, Red Bull Racing were the favorites for a sure lock up of the Constructors Title, supplanting a dominant Mercedes squad that won 8 consecutive titled from 2013 to 2021. With a historic attendance figure of over 440,000 people at the track over the three-day event, Austin, Texas provided the perfect location for a showdown for the title.

As a native Texan and Austinite there was no possibility I was going to miss the opportunity to document a historic weekend of racing in Texas, so with cameras in hand I spent the weekend documenting everything I could.

Here is what I saw from Red Bull as they clinched the championship:

Thursday, a quiet media day

Red Bull’s title sponsor, Oracle, dominated much of the branding seen at Circuit of the Americas, especially on the garage entrance.
The famous Turn 1 of Circuit of the Americas gained more height with the addition of a 130ft tall flag pole sporting the American Flag.
Years of paint buildup in Turn 17 shows how abrasive the outer surface of Circuit of the Americas really is.
Max during lunch, enjoying time with family prior to his media obligations.
A Red Bull crew member cleans the floor jacks used during pit stops prior during setup on Thursday in Austin, TX.
Max Verstappen’s RB18 awaits assembly in the garage bay on Thursday afternoon,
A reminder for the drivers hanging on the Red Bull pit gantry.
The open air media pen in the paddock provided many opportunities for candid photos of the drivers.
Red Bull’s famous bull as seen on the pit gantry during sunset Thursday evening.
Sergio Perez’s RB18 awaiting final assembly prior to shutdown Thursday evening

Friday, Free Practice 1 and 2

Former IndyCar and NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick, interviews Max during media time before FP1 on Friday morning.
Sergio Perez chats with an unseen visitor as David Coulthard cracks a grin in the background prior to FP1 on Friday morning.
Red Bull mastermind Helmut Marko entertains inside the Red Bull hospitality unit prior to FP1.
Turn 12 provides one of the closest perspectives you can get at COTA. Here, Sergio Perez clips the curbing on an install lap during FP1.
Entering turn 13, Sergio Perez eyes the apex during FP1. Behind him you can see the Texas flag artwork that dominates the runoff of turn 12.
COTA’s turn 16-18 carousel provides plenty of color as cars were reaching 170mph at the exit before heading down into turn 19.
Max Verstappen on track exiting turn 15 during FP1 on Friday.
Sergio Perez winds his way up the turn 8 and 9 hill during FP2.
Free Practice 2 provided a unique experience with a 5:00pm local start time. Here, Sergio Perez pops up the hill at turn 9 with the turn 15 grandstands looming in the distance.
COTA’s expansive infield led to some interesting backgrounds. Here you can see behind Max, the COTA “One-derland”, a sort of carnival meets Burning Man experience that many enjoyed.
Max Verstappen during FP2 entering turn 9, as cars head up the hill they vanish behind the hillside.
In addition to the new flag in turn one, turn 6 also had a large Texas flag that provided some color during the sunset hours. In the background, COTA’s ever popular viewing tower remained a fixture of many photos. Here Max Verstappen heads out of turn 7 during FP2.

Saturday, FP3 and Qualifying

The late qualification time on Saturday provided some excellent sun light to play with. Here, Max pilots his RB18 down the slope to turn 2 as the packed turn 1 general admission and grandstands color the background.
Red, white, and blue were certainly the colors of the weekend. The sold out crowd led to an electric atmosphere as everyone in attendance roared when their favorite drivers passed by.
The calm before the first run of Q3 looking towards turn 1. The 133ft climb leads drivers to a blind apex with the new flag in the background.
The RB18 of Sergio Perez deploys his DRS system as he rockets down the main straight. The Alfa Romeo of Valterri Bottas can be seen in the distance.
Max starts his first flying lap of Q3 with turn 1 looming in the distance.
Max Verstappen leads the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton into turn 20 as he begins to start his final qualifying run in Q3.
Max on the grid after qualifying 2nd.
Max awaits answering a question after qualifying 2nd on Saturday behind the Ferrari of Carlos Sainz.

Sunday, Race Day and the Champaign!

COTA provided vintage trucks for the drivers to ride in, here Max and Sergio are in the back of a modified lo-rider pickup.
Max and Sergio wave to fans during the drivers parade prior to the start of the race.
Red Bull team members watch as the Houston Texans Cheerleaders perform prior to the start of the United States Grand Prix.
Fireworks go off during the American National Anthem prior to the race as the grid assembles between the main grandstand and paddock.
The grid readies for the race as the Houston Texans Cheerleading Squad performs a dance number on the track as pre-race festivities continue.
The FIA held a moment of remembrance for Dietrich Mateschitz, the Austrian mogul who co-founded Red Bull. Mateschitz passed away from complications with cancer on Saturday, October 22nd.
Carlos Sainz leads Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton around turn 1 during the warmup lap prior to the start of the United States Grand Prix.
The grid is set and light are about to go out.
Verstappen takes advantage of Sainz’s poor start and jumps into the lead before getting to turn 1. The Mercedes duo of Hamilton and Russell are even as they attempt to overtake the slow Ferrari. In the background, Esteban Ocon awaits his release, having started from the pit lane due to unapproved changes.
Carlos Sainz is spun by George Russell at the top of turn 1 as Verstappen and Hamilton take a wider line, avoiding any trouble.
Trouble for Sainz would put him out of the race. Max sprints down the hill followed by the Mercedes duo.
The rest of the field chases Verstappen into turn 2.
Sergio Perez, starting 8th after an engine change penalty, chases down the McLaren of Lando Norris as they rocket up the hill into turn 1.
Verstappen leads the field by several seconds as he exits turn 1. The sold out Sunday crowd eagerly awaits his teammates arrival with chats of “Che-co!”
Looking toward the apex of turn 2, Verstappen almost disappears behind trackside signage.
The ground effects of the cars provided plenty of sparks, especially in the esses of turns 3 through 6. Here Verstappen scrapes the tarmac exiting turn 3.
The esses of COTA always provide plenty of color.
Mexican fans were out in full support of Perez. At the turn 19 grandstands, fans hung their countries flags along the railings.
COTA’s now popular Ferris wheel lingers in the background of turn 19 as Max Verstappen enters the corner, chasing down Lewis Hamilton in the closing laps.
Sergio Perez leads the Ferrari of Charles LeClerc out of turn 18 as the COTA tower and packed viewing area dominate the frame.
Sergio enters the short chute between turns 18 and 19 during the closing laps of the race.
Race winner Max Verstappen arrives in Park Ferme in his RB18.
Max yells in celebration as he looks towards his team after winning the United States Grand Prix for the second year in a row. Teammate Sergio Perez would come home in 4th position, sealing the championship for the team.
Max and Helmut walk towards the drivers staging area during the post race celebration.
Max stands in the shadows as he awaits his post race victory interview.
Red Bull mastermind Adrian Newey celebrates with the team in victory lane.
The champion holds his trophy out for the crowd.
Sergio Perez celebrates with a team member after securing the constructors championship.
Red Bull’s pit sign announces their victory, as the drivers and constructors victory trophies sit on the ground in front of it.
Red Bull team members pose with the trophies on pit lane after the race.
Team members hold up a sign with Max and Sergio’s call tags as the crowd screams for Sergio to wave to them.
Sergio waves as he comes out to greet the fans awaiting him on pit lane.
Sergio climbs pit wall to see the fans as he waves to the crowd, many of whom stayed hours after the checkered flag hoping to see their heroes.
COTA representatives rolled out a giant wood carving of the COTA tower as a rattle snake. We have no idea why. Max and Helmut look confused as Adrian Newey and Christian Horner look amused at the figure.
Pre-photo preparations continue.
They’ve done it.
Max sprays the Red Bull and the team goes wild.
It’s chaos as the team showers everyone in Red Bull as they cheer for the victory.
I catch Christian smiling towards me on pitlane.
Helmut Marko and Christian Horner pose for post celebration photos.
The winner, goes the trophy.