The Corkscrew under the microscope


The ALMS was at one of the legendary tracks over the weekend – with a legendary corner, the Corkscrew.  RacerViews photographer, Jim Fonseca was at the track over the weekend and we thought we’d take an indepth look at what makes the Corkscrew tick, and how to drive it fast.

We have had a look at the race in through out RaceTweet update. We will have more coming for you over the coming days.


The Rebellion is wide going through the second part of the Corckscrew which throws the car off line a touch for the final part of the corner – the decent, which is where time can really be gained or lost


Through the middle part of the corner though, the car is ok, there is a hard surface just next to the curb, which has also been used by so many cars, so it isn’t too bad.


The Rebellion briefly has all four wheels off the tracing surface as it struggles to make amends for the poor entry to the corner


It means that the might be a slight delay in getting on the power and having to pinch the car a bit on exit, which is where some time can be lost.


The Deltawing also got it a little wrong in this picture


But none as wrong as this, although everyone got away with it, it shows how difficult this corner can be


But when you get it right, it looks fantastic, and can gain you so much time!

So…how does it look in action?


Here is Neel Jani’s attempt at an overtake at the Corkscrew.  It didn’t work so well despite it being pretty spectacular with the backmarker in the middle.


But if you are going to try to pass in the Corkscrew, this is how you do it.  You should note that for additional excitement, you should try to do it on the final lap.  It might also prevent people from realising you passed with all four wheels off the track.  That is just a minor detail though.  Immense and legendary stuff.

Photos by Jim Fonseca
Words by Sam Tickell, May 2013

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