Could McKlein’s McRae, Toivonen or Group 4 bring Christmas cheer?


Well, in a word – yes

In the lead up to Christmas, shopping is a pain and people can be hard to buy for but if you know a rally fan, these three books from the McKlein agency are sure to impress.

Colin, Just McRae

The first, McRae, Just Colin is the latest to come from McKlein.  Colin McMaster – the Mc from McKlein teams up with respected rally journalist, David Evans to detail the life of Colin McRae – the 1995 WRC Champion and the champion of the rally fans.  His style was flat out, sideways, he broke his fair share of cars but was always there for the fans.  I don’t yet own this book but it is on my Christmas list.  It is also the #1 book for rallying in Amazon and #88 for biography sport books.  If you have trouble purchasing from Amazon via the link below or just want to support the publisher directly, visit the McKlein store

Toivonen – Pauli, Henri & Harri: Finland’s Fastest Family: Finland’s fastest family

Second on the list today is a look into the life of Henri Toivonen – with McKlein’s Toivonen – Pauli, Henri & Harri: Finland’s Fastest Family: Finland’s fastest family.  Toivonen was a tragic figure of the Group B era – destined for greatness until fate intervened and he was tragically taken, along with co driver – Sergio Cresto of the Corsican Rally.  224 pages of the story of Henri and the Toivonen family with Esa Illoinenhas words accompanying photos from the McKlein agency.  Like the Colin McRae book, the book has only received rave reviews from readers.

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Group 4 – From Stratos to Quattro

The final book on this list is Group 4 – From Stratos to Quattro that looks back at the rallying world 1973 to 1982.  The era led into the infamous Group B era and saw everything from Audi Quattro and Lancia Stratos to the Fiat 124 to the Saab 94 and Citroen DS21.  The book sees John Davenport joined by Reinhard Klein (the Klien in McKlien) to put this great book together.  The book details the cars of the era with great photographs and great words to join.  Certainly a great gift for anyone who is a rally tragic or even just a fan of cars from a bygone era.

By Sam Tickell, December 2013

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