Exclusive Q&A with Deltawing’s Andreas Wirth

Andreas Wirth got up to speed quickly in the Deltawing at the Roar Before the 24 - Courtesy of Deltawing
Andreas Wirth got up to speed quickly in the Deltawing at the Roar Before the 24 – Courtesy of Deltawing

German driver and friend of RacerViews, Andreas Wirth will be competing at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona with the Deltawing team. Andreas has been competing in the the ADAC GT Masters Championship over the past few seasons but started his career in open wheelers.  Indeed he made it to Champ Car, running twice and finishing ninth on debut

We were able to catch up with him after he completed his first laps in the Deltawing and at Daytona and after the completion of the Roar Before the 24…

RacerViews: Hi Andreas, thanks for joining me. What was it like to drive the Deltawing?

Andreas Wirth: It was AWesome … a lot of fun to drive. The car is so cool – very different to drive of course, but the team really helped me get comfortable with everything.For me it feels a lot like a Formula car … just what I like.

RV: Did it take long to get used to the car?

AW: Yes – a little bit, especially with slowing down the car through the corners so you can get the best out of it. It took me a while. I was surprised how fast it is. It really feels like a formula car – just a little less front end grip. Overall feels very good – very cool.

RV: What about the banking?

AW: It took me two laps to get used to it. The first lap at speed was a little different should we say. But after a couple of laps it was a lot of fun.


RV: You raced in the States previously, was it good to be back?

AW: It was great to be back, so so many people that I saw there – great to people I haven’t seen for a long time. A lot of people from when I raced in Champ Car Atlantic and Champ Car World Series. And to be part of the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona – I can’t tell you how awesome it is.

RV: Your expectations for the Daytona 24?

AW: The team’s been working really hard to deal with the reliability issues they’ve seen in the past. I think if we can make it to the end, make it through without accidents or incidents, if we can achieve that I think we will have a very good result.

RV: Thanks Andreas, best of luck for the race.

AW: Thanks.

The Daytona 24 will be Andreas Wirth's first IMSA event: Courtesy of Deltawing
The Daytona 24 will be Andreas Wirth’s first IMSA event: Courtesy of Deltawing

Gail Shankland, January 2016

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