Q&A with Simone Campedelli


Italian Simone Campedelli returns to the FIA European Rally Championship for the Rally Serras de Fafe e Felguieras, or Rally Fafe. Campedelli has had a great season in Italy for Team MRF Tyres, taking multiple podiums and sitting near the top of the ladder. This will be his third round of the FIA ERC for 2021, and we sat down with him to see how his Portuguese preparations are going.

Team MRF Tyres: A new car for you Simone, coming into Rally Fafe. What are your expectations?
Simone Campedelli: I have tested this car with Skoda before but this will be my first time rallying it. We did a pre-event test do discover it with MRF Tyres to prepare for the rally in the best way we can.

Team MRF Tyres: Your last time out in the FIA ERC was in Rome but you have run more in the Italian Gravel Championship.
Simone Campedelli: It has been a really positive season with Team MRF Tyres as we have achieved many podiums in Italy. We are looking forward to helping our teammates to win the Championship in Italy, and for us to finish second. We are back in the European environment, and I have never been in Fafe before but I have done my homework with videos and clips. Coming here we want to remain humble, but I feel good in the car and Tania and I will look to take the maximum result. In Rome, we did some good times against some great drivers. There are some fast drivers here and it will be a big challenge.
I am looking forward to working with Dani Sordo as he has a lot of experience. I look forward to talking with him about the tyres and working with him the best way possible.

Team MRF Tyres: What can we expect this weekend?
Simone Campedelli: This rally looks like it will be a challenge with the weather looks like it will change to rain in the next couple of days. It is already a tough rally with some nice stages and hard competition. But the weather makes it look like it could become harder and harder!

Team MRF Tyres: Are you looking forward to anything in particular, perhaps the famous Fafe jump?
Simone Campedelli: We have seen everything on that famous jump in Fafe. I think I will feel goosebumps as I remember this jump as a child watching videos of cars going over it. I was dreaming, as a child, to come a rally driver and jump over it. You can think about it for a while but you have to remain focused! You need to keep the right line and length. But I am looking forward to a great weekend with Team MRF Tyres.