February 2022, London: Extreme E, the sport for purpose electric off-road racing series, has today published its first Sustainability Strategy, including its carbon footprint for Season 1.

The report supported by EY, the series’ Official Innovation Partner, summarises Extreme E’s sustainability tactics and achievements throughout its inaugural season, while also outlining its strategy and focus for 2022 ahead of the Championship’s second season.

Extreme E’s Season 1 Sustainability Report shows that over the course of 2021 the series was climate positive, with 8,870 tonnes of CO2-e emitted during its first season, with the average emissions per race of CO2-e equating to 1,774 tonnes.

As well as being recognised as carbon negative, the emissions created during the 2021 campaign were offset by verified emission reductions created by wind farms in the Patagonia region of Argentina. In addition, by using the St. Helena ship to transport all vehicles, event infrastructure and operational equipment, Extreme E estimates that it has been able to reduce its transport emissions by approximately 5,200 tonnes of CO2-e throughout Season 1 compared to if air freight was used.

Alejandro Agag, CEO and Founder of Extreme E, said: “Extreme E’s Sustainability Report is one of the most important pieces of communication we have released to date. As a sport for purpose Championship, which aims to pave the way to a lower carbon future through the promotion of electric vehicles, and accelerate gender equality in motorsport, we need to be open and transparent about our methods and our impact.

“This report details our journey to having the lowest carbon footprint in international motorsport, and the insight behind how we became carbon net zero by the end of our first season.

“This is just the start of our journey. We are learning all the time but ultimately we feel confident that, together with the commitment and expertise of our teams and partners, we are delivering a platform which inspires our audiences to make positive choices about their impact on the planet, and which challenges the way sport is traditionally run, offering tangible solutions which reduce the impact of live events.”

Extreme E’s Season 1 Sustainability Report details the series’ journey to becoming carbon net zero by the end of its first season. This was achieved through taking a series of measures which minimised its carbon footprint, measuring this emissions inventory and detailing Scope 1, Scope 2 and quantifiable Scope 3 sources, and then offsetting in full for what could not be avoided, utilising ALLCOT, a world-leader in carbon project development.

Highlights from the report included:

  • Using 100% electric vehicles for racing
  • Not having spectators on site
  • Using a refurbished ship to carry all freight and logistics instead of relying on air travel
  • Creating all energy for car charging using AFC Energy’s hydrogen fuel cells which utilise solar and water
  • Powering the paddock by using second-life Zenobe batteries
  • Capping race team personnel to just seven people – two drivers, one engineer and four mechanics.

Read the full Extreme E Season 1 Report and Executive Summary (link)

As Extreme E switches focus to Season 2, getting underway next week in NEOM, Saudi Arabia, it has also outlined its objectives, targets and action focus for 2022 and beyond. Its focus is represented by three key pillars; Extreme Action, Extreme Impact and Extremely Responsible, which refer to the environmental, social and governance aspects of sustainability, respectively.

These three pillars and the impact areas they cover represent the issues that are most important to Extreme E’s stakeholders and organisation, and plans are currently in development to ensure the series meets its objectives for each area.

Extreme E is a signatory of the UN Sports for Climate Action initiative, which calls on sporting organisations to acknowledge the contribution of the sports sector to climate change and their responsibility to strive towards climate neutrality for a safer planet. Moreover, Extreme E is the first sporting series to hire an independent Scientific Committee to provide and advise on our climate and sustainability research, as well as our education programmes. The Scientific Committee comprises of industry-renowned climate scientists, including academics from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

To learn more about Extreme E, visit – www.Extreme-E.com

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