ASBK: Reflecting on a new era of Aussie motorcycle racing


ASBK 2015 Morgan Park SSPT216

The Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) has entered into a new phase as the sport looks to rebuild.  After a two round season last year – a year that featured cancelled rounds and the big money teams escaping to another series, change was needed.

This year we see that change.  A new structure sees the local motorcycle clubs organise the rounds and a five round calendar that features new tracks.

We were at the second round – the first stand alone round (round 1 was run in conjunction with the WSBK).  So how did it go?

The first things that hit you is that there is not a lot of money – the big teams aren’t there.  But what does hit you is that there is a want to build the sport, that the teams, riders and officials enjoy being there and importantly – the atmosphere was positive – the back-stabbing has been kept in the past.

ASBK 2015 Morgan Park ASBK243

Morgan Park features open garages – there are no walls – which means everyone can be in everyone’s business or that you realise that you are friends and everyone enjoys themselves.  Fortunately it was the latter.

The Media Centre also featured those that just wanted to be there – a dedicated group came to the event, no one was there just for the glory, to be seen or just for a free ticket- they were there to support motorcycle racing and help the series into its next phase.

The racing was fantastic – even without the factory teams, racers like Mike Jones, Daniel Falzon, Phil Czaj and Matthew Barton pushing – proving their talent and they also deserve a national series that reflects their pace, talent and commitment.  In fact, Jones’ pace was so good that it would be questionable if the Motologic riders could have toppled him.

It was encouraging to see a large crowd to watch on with some 5000 people showing up to watch.  It felt like real counting, as I’ve not seen a crowd like that at Morgan Park or in recent ASBK history.

Overall, it feels like the ASBK is in good hands and now needs time to rebuild.

But please, keep the petty arguments out.

ASBK 2015 Morgan Park ASBK240


Photos by Sam Tickell, April 2015

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